The Money is in the Backend

By Lee Collins •  Updated: 08/04/19 •  5 min read
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They say “the money is in the backend” and tell you to build a list.

Because building a list is the final answer for most people who tell you “the money is in the backend”.

Alright, you built a list. Now what?

Let’s say you have a list of 5,000 people. Not 5,000 random people you picked up for $10 on eBay but a GENUINE list of 5,000 people who have raised their hand and want your products or services.

So now they’re on your list…

What happens next?

Drawing a blank?

Don’t worry, most people do.

To help you understand why, let me ask you 4 important questions…

Question #1: Do you have additional products to offer them? If so, how many additional products do you have for them – 1, 2, 5, 10? (Most people answer NONE)

Question #2: Do you have an automated SYSTEM to make those offers for you, or do you have to manually send the offers to your prospects? (Not just an email sequence, that’s elementary school stuff.)

Question #3: If they respond to your offer, do you have an automated delivery SYSTEM already set up to fulfill their orders on auto-pilot or do you have to manually send it to them?

Alright, last question… and please be honest…

Question #4: If the money is in the list, and you have a list of 5,000 people, tell me, exactly where is the money coming from if you answered NO to any of the questions above? Is it magic? Of course not…

The real truth is this: The money is not in the list…

…the money is in The BACKEND!

Fact: If you’re going to spend the remainder of your business life focused on making only one sale per customer, you’re going to be continually working and trying to overcome the hardest thing in business – making that first sale.

Hardcore Fact: It doesn’t matter if you have a list of 5 people or 5,000 people because without a ready-made, profit-certain, auto-pilot BACK-END full of products and services your list is HUNGRY TO BUY you are NEVER going to make any serious money! Period.

I believe you’re starting to get the idea, but usually at this point is where we’re told by most of our clients (usually in a whiny, moany, groany voice)…

But I don’t have any BackEnd Products…

And that’s the Problem…

The problem is most people struggle and have nothing to offer their customers after the first sale! They struggle, scrape, and fight to make the first sale and then because they’ve spent all their energy on the “front end” sale there is nothing to offer on the “back end”.

In fact, if you don’t have a backend you are NOT alone… in our experience, most business owners don’t even have a backend product line!

Instead, they are always chasing that first sale.

We’ve talked before about how the two most important numbers in your business are CPA and LTV. (Cost per acquisition and Lifetime Value.)

Think about CPA this way…

If you’re going to spend the remainder of your business life focused on making only one sale per customer, you’re going to be continually working and trying to overcome the hardest thing in business – making that first sale.

And you will likely fail much more than you succeed.

(Sound familiar?)

In fact, studies have shown that it’s an estimated 8-11 times more difficult to make the first sale than it is to make subsequent sales to the same customer!

That means after the first sale your customer is much more likely to buy from you again!

This is why Lifetime Value is so important.

Lifetime Value is all about the backend.

And that’s why we are so focused on “the money is in the backend”.

If you have failed to work out in advance what you will sell them next or something additional you can up-sell them during the initial sale – you are literally leaving money on the table.

BackEnd sales is simply providing the next logical solution to your customer’s next logical need. It’s everything after that first sales cycle. (Note; Upsells during the first sales cycle are NOT a part of your backend!)

It’s your DUTY to create the solution for that need and continually fill it.

Your #1 Goal in any business should be to increase the lifetime value of your customer!

So how can you do this? What does it take to create a back-end Repeat Profit SYSTEM…?

Well, realistically, you have two options…

Option #1: We call this the “hard” way. It involves you taking years and years and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop your own time-proven, profit-certain, auto-pilot Back-End Repeat Profit SYSTEM…

Option #2: We call this the “lazy” way. Let us help you, without adding any more work to your plate.

The money is NOT in the list. 

The money is in the backend.

And, before you say “I can take care of this myself” remember…

You haven’t yet.

You probably won’t.

The answer for most of our clients are Repeat Profit Systems.

If you have a product/course/service that sells for $1000 or more, we can take that course and – without any work needed from you – turn it into a Repeat Profit System that auto-magically generates sales for you, on auto-pilot, for the next year and beyond.

And we have been building back-end Repeat Profit Systems for over 15 years, so why not save yourself some time and energy and let our team help you take care of it once and for all?

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Lee Collins

Lee Collins is a former Air Force Network Systems Engineer and Fortune 500 Corporate VP - who is best known as an early pioneer of Direct Response Marketing on the Internet. He has over 24+ years experience running operations for multiple multi-million dollar marketing, software, SEO, financial, and business coaching companies. When Lee isn't helping his private clients solve big (and small) marketing and operations problems, Lee is most likely heading up into the mountains in his fully-equipped Jeep Gladiator. Or just gone fishing.