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Below You'll Find a Partial List of Many Exceptional Entrepreneurs With Whom Lee Has Had the Privilege of Working With Since 1999.

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When I ask myself why we continue to work together, it comes down to one main thing: you can see things in the "matrix" of my business and marketing that I cannot see. To me that's worth everything.
Jim Krautkramer
Completing the manuscript to my book and a launch blueprint. Had a great meeting with Charles (Lee) Collins this morning. He is the best at identifying what is holding you back and then giving you a solution. Thanks, Charles!
Tom Bice
I show 330 sales as of now and we still have a day and a half to go with the last day usually being our biggest. We might have another record breaker on our hands!
Joseph Michael
I don't know how it happened, but Paypal said I made $71,523.41 gross in July... I felt like I was slacking all month. I REALLY like "slacking" & making $... Looking at my numbers from this year, its very obvious when we started actively working together. Your Repeat Profit Systems ROCK!
Kristen Joy
Are you kidding?? You're probably the first coach I've worked with who has more than delivered what you promised in terms of actual cash.
Felicia Slattery
When you look for someone to work on your business, marketing, ads and such... you want longevity in that relationship. Longevity + Results is what folks will get with you, Lee.
Bob Yeager
I have had the pleasure of knowing Lee for years now and the benefit of having him coach me on many lines of business. You cannot go wrong with this guy. A true soul and friend.
Jeffry Civey
Lee Collins has a calm way of looking at things from different angles to come up with unique and useful solutions to issues. He's also wickedly smart about how to grow your business. I'd highly recommend getting time with him if you can, and listen and take notes on what is said!
Rick Dearr
One of the biggest and best blessings a business owner can have is a coach who knows how to make things easier and better for their clients. I feel like I'm walking on air after talking to Lee Collins & Natalie Collins (and yes, it takes two to tackle me!! LOL). What a relief!
Felicia Slattery
I can honestly say if you have an opportunity to work with this dynamic duo GRAB it. Their combined knowledge and special brand of loving care (yes even though loving) is unparalleled. In a world where so many are coaching with very little experience these two rise to the top not only with years of experience but amazing integrity and authenticity. Do yourself a favor and explore working together it will change your life.
Laura Wright
Direct Response Marketing 2.0 is a Godsend for people stuck in the Internet Marketing paradigm. It’s clear, step-by-step modules show you the fastest and easiest ways to get hyper-responsive OFFLINE buyers flooding your website.Sure, this seems like a crazy idea, but I’ve been using these tactics for years and made millions with them. I recommend you give Direct Response Marketing 2.0 a try. You will be shocked at your results when you put the information into action. And you certainly can’t find more savvy guys to teach you how.
Dave Lakhani
Lee Collins, you have helped me with many things, from marketing to just plain ole good advice!
Jacob Mackey
Lee Collins is a one in a million person who teaches you by listening in ways that other miss. He uses his experience to really get the most out of you, and provides honest and actionable feedback that will be an asset to your and your business for years to come!
Brian Basilico
I so appreciate crossing paths with Lee Collins. I met him nearly a year ago at a marketing meeting. He was so patient with me & all my ignorant questions! But he spoke one word into my life that changed my business forever! Now, I'm living in my best space, doing what I love BEST! It's not often that someone like Lee passes your way. But if you slow down long enough to listen, he might just point you in a new direction that leads you to the place where you can live your best life as the most authentic YOU! Thanks, Lee!
Rhonda Knight Boyle
Completing the manuscript to my book and a launch blueprint. Had a great Skype meeting with Lee Collins this morning. He is the best at identifying what is holding you back and then giving you a solution. Thanks, Lee! 🙂
Tom Bice
Lee Collins? The dude is just crazy weird smart.
Frank Kern
Hey Lee - quick update from the stuff that I've done since our phone call. Last night I had an epiphany! I can purchase our dream home this year without spending any more on housing than I am right now. I owe this current roll that I'm on, at least in part, to you. You are a blessing! Thanks Lee
Darrin Mish
Lee Collins, You have created a site that’s packed with great stuff and have definitely delivered on content and bonuses. Anyone who has been chasing leaves in the wind then it’s time to get focused on a system that works!
Gerald Hardie
I would’ve paid $500 + just for the section on “Promoting Your Business For Free” let alone the rest. Thank you so much Lee Collins for making it so easy to learn, I’ll be using these ideas to make tons of cashola for me and my clients… in fact, I started yesterday!
Jay Simcic
You are such a great reminder of a conscious, intentional being of service. Inspiring. Thank you Lee Collins.
Cristy Emerson
Lee Collins, you ROCK! You are so heart centered and wonderful... a beautiful soul. First impression... you "might be" some "bad-ass" IM’er, but as soon as I took time to talk to you I realized you exude a quiet, gentle confidence and a true caring about life and the people you touch... did I say you ROCK? Yeah... you ROCK!
Kay Rice
What a breath of fresh air! Finally something that’s not some sleazy magic pill, but a great take-you-by-the-hand course that is literally blowing me away. This IS cutting-edge! You definitely under-promised and over-delivered. I’m already working on a couple of these tactics RIGHT NOW. I will let you know how it goes!
Jenna Lloyd
Just did my scheduled appointment with Lee Collins, and I gotta say, Lee is one of the most genuine guys I've ever met! (I have met him in passing before, but never really got to know him.) Nothing but good came from making that call. (Just saying) These calls are zero pitch, full on help from a friend who would give the shirt off his back to someone, I know.
Tom Bell
Hey, Perry here. As you know I've sold over $50 Million of products online. But, after Direct Response 2.0, I think my business next year in Offline Marketing is gonna dwarf what I do in Online Marketing. These guys really know what they're talking about. Take a good, hard look at the training... there's still a ton of people out there in the offline world. These are great guys, Lee, Alan and crew, I stand behind them 100% and I love 'em.
Perry Belcher
Excuse my language, but this man right here is the motherfucking TRUTH. While at SMMU for just ONE year, I learned a lifetime's worth of knowledge and RAPIDLY advanced my skillset in not just online marketing, but business in general... and a lot of that is owed to Lee Collins and our CEO there. The "one-page moneymakers" are real. I've seen them work first-hand. So if you need an outside perspective, take his offer to talk to him for an hour for free, it'll probably change your life. Thank you for mentoring me, I promise to pay it forward like you always have.
It’s about time a course like Direct Response Marketing 2.0 was made available. You guys nailed the content, there’s tricks in here I’ve NEVER heard. And that’s pretty rare. Why? Because even though most people consider me an “Internet Marketer” I use some of the very same offline techniques with awesome results. If you are not getting where you want to go with online only, I suggest you get DRM 2.0 now… before it’s too late to save your business
Kirt Christensen
I want to tell you how I think it’s great that you’re available for everybody here, and for the price of the package it’s just one of the best values I’ve run across in a number of years online doing Adsense marketing and other types of niche marketing. I actually look forward to seeing your name and getting that email and the content that you bring to me, so thanks a lot and I look forward to a long, profitable relationship. I appreciate it.
Craig Compton
You always made me laugh and listened to my complaining... LOL... You're an amazing person and a treasured friend.
Georgia Gotthardt
WOW! This is exactly what I have been looking for! This is going to take my business to new heights! With all the bonuses you’ve given, I can’t see how I can fail. You’ve also shown me how to get my articles (one of my strengths) up and out to the masses with your template. You’ve also cut my learning curve down and I’m grateful for that. Lee Collins you are a breath of fresh air among internet marketers. You’ve got a subscriber for life!
Barry Ferguson
You encouraged me daily as my training partner at Pride Mixed Martial Arts. And you weren't afraid to hit a girl.
Danielle Barber
Hi Lee Collins, Harry Crowder here from Winnipeg,Canada. People dealing with you definitely get way more than they pay for plus you don’t bombard your customers with tons of other “stuff” just so you get more commissions!! Dealing with you is a breath of fresh air on the Internet Smog Screen. Thanks for saving me lots of time and money!!
Harry Crowder
You helped me feel a sense of worth when I was a teenager, and I felt like the entire world was against me.
Raven Hart
You choosing me as an SEO Pro instructor was a pivotal break in my career. More than that, you’re a great friend and an amazing marketing mind. An awesome resource to anyone’s arsenal.
Richard Weiler
Thanks for the solid coaching Lee Collins! Just used steps 1-3 that you showed me and already closed on a cooling system diagnosis with a customer that came to me for my services!
David Samaha
You gave me opportunity to become a better curriculum developer. Very grateful.
Dan Morris
Lee Collins, When I came across your Hybrid Marketing it completely changed my business... I was pretty sure I'd died and gone to heaven (I think Frank Kern sent it to me as part of his monthly Mass Control package). I manage a lot of launches in the financial markets for clients and I always try to get them to do the same thing - the smart ones listen and never look back. So - thank you Lee.
Brandon Fredrickson
You took my keys away when I was in a state of being where I shouldn't have driven. That was the last time I was ever in that situation. Thanks!
Jeff Blackwell
I have two words for you Lee Collins – HOLY COW! (I would use another word, but it isn’t very lady like 😉 ) Your book – well, I shouldn’t call it a book, its more like a miracle – but anyway, your “miracle” walked me through every step. It was like it simplified everything I thought I had to do, and even added things I had completely forgotten – or didn’t even know existed – into the mix, all for one great plan. It was incredible. I spent one night, I printed out the book and read it in bed. The next evening at around 10PM, I sat down and started on Step 1. By 1AM, I had finished my first site. I had done everything from design a header graphic to publish the article and publish the site, keyword research, search engine submission, SEO analysis, PPC campaigns – everything was done. I couldn’t believe it!
Cheryl Lester
You are a beautiful human being, Lee Collins!
Juliet Easton
Lee Collins, I am so THANKFUL to you for providing this OFFLINE-TO-ONLINE Direct Response Marketing education, because I NOW know exactly what I need to do from now to become a success in various marketing projects that I’m working on. I believe you guys have saved my marketing and business life, and you will help save the marketing and business lives of many other businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.
Al Johnson
Unlike most “gurus” who try to step up the customer before delivering on what they already promised, Lee Collins worked to help me earn the next level of investment. This was very important to me because I’ve been living on a fixed income. The instructions were very quite clear and everything was included that I needed to get up and running. Lee gave me a lot of help. He helped me work out the problems and kinks without making me feel that my dumb questions were really stupid (which looking back, I can see that they were.) I finally got my first site up and running because of Lee’s dedication. I rarely write testimonials, but I got such great service and value that I had to do some small thing show my appreciation for the value I received. So, I can wholeheartedly recommend Lee Collins to anyone who is interested in creating websites that create revenue online. Try it, you’ll like it.
Leslie Wise, M.D.
Lee Collins is a pretty cool person... He said something to me at an event a few years ago that kept me in the game when I felt like I was ready to quit.
Michael Savoie
Lee Collins, Your marketing tips from your emails and Ruthless Marketing site have proved to be invaluable to my online business. Thank you!
Tom Bice
You are a light in this strangely dim world, Lee Collins!
Ken Walden
Lee Collins, I think this a great concept and it really is easy to put into practice. Do it once, twice… the third time is even easier. It works for everyone prepared to put a little effort into what they are doing! I personally recommend it, and you, to all my clients!
John Longmore
I have never provided a testimonial for any product I have ever purchased. Until now… Simply put, Lee Collins you are the only person that I have purchased a Internet Marketing product from that actually lives up to and goes beyond their word. You definitely deliver, correction, Over Deliver! I love the video tutorials (much needed for a newbie like me) and how you provide everything that a person needs. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I actually welcome your emails and love your product. You are truly one of a kind in this greed infested business.
Dawn Haling
Lee Collins, You've inspired me and many others.
Matt Gill
I’ve just started going through the DRM 2.0 system and right away I can see new horizons I’m eager to explore with the dynamic techniques I’m learning. I want to ‘branch out’ to get more prospects in the door with DRM 2.0. I want to get it done as fast as possible. I want to open up a new market of people who have never run a home business and teach them how to do it right. And I can see clearly I can make it happen now!
Fred Raley
It’s so refreshing to find a genuine guy who is willing to spill the beans, and show you exactly what’s needed to make your online venture a success. Whether your a Pro or a newbie, I would highly recommend. Keep up the good work Lee Collins.
Roger Coleman
Internet Marketing Simplicity! Finally, someone has stripped away all of the extra fluff, leaving a simple, easy to follow pathway to success. Thanks, Lee Collins!
Ralph Moore
I am on track to do over $10 million dollars in ONLINE sales this year… But the OFFLINE Lee Collins and his DRM2.0 team taught me is going to triple it!
Anik Singal
You helped show my sister real love, adventure and a business she never imagined. That helps me get a better relationship with her and I've never seen her so happy and alive. Thank you.
Nicole Stauffer
Lee Collins, I feel you have probably helped every person you come in contact with one way or another... golden nuggets for business, lessons in life, etc.
Tina LaDuke
Lee Collins really did a great job helping with AdSense Secrets 6. I am grateful. 😉
Joel Comm
Lee Collins, You are super awesome, just sayin'
Corena Golliver
I met Lee Collins met at one of Pat O'Bryan UnSeminars. You were gracious and welcoming to me in kind ways that others there were not. You were one of the ones that made me feel welcome and not "out of my league". You were a presenter that time but made yourself available for questions, etc. You allowed me to engage you in conversation, asking questions that must have bored you to tears but you were patient, kind and complete in your answers making sure that I understood before you went on to the next person. Thank you, thank you...
Elaine Ireland
You spoke with me about many topics. Life particularly. I have a new insight on setting standards for myself, trying new things, and lifted a stereotype about age differences in relationships. Thank you!!
Cassidy Mattis
Thanks for your help with the Las Vegas event!
Larry Loik
Using the offline strategies alone I’ve been able to increase my business leads by over 300%! Thanks Lee Collins and team!
Stephanie Frank
Lee Collins did a great job running my company and managing the turnaround plan. He’s smart, technical and a very good marketer – as in one of the few people who can actually write great copy that really sells. Plus in the past 18 months Lee has created processes to make the company run better with 75% less staff and has also helped us successfully resolve over $750,000 in affiliate and other debt! Thanks Lee!
Brad Fallon
Just one of Lee Collins ideas impacted the way I do my entire business. I've got a lot less stress, finally have a method to my madness, and I've been able to focus on the FUN parts of my business rather than the "work". While I initially hired Lee with borrowed money, he QUADRUPLED my income that first month. So it was totally worth it.
Kristen Joy

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