If I See One More Sticker That Reads…

By Lee Collins •  Updated: 07/14/08 •  3 min read
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If I See One More Sticker That Reads “Worried about your job? Keep buying foreign” on any “American Made” Vehicle I Will Simply Lose My Mind

WARNING*** Political Rant to Follow.

As you know, Lee & I live in beautiful Fenton, Michigan. It was especially awesome today…78 degrees, clear blue skies and an almost cool breeze. Incredible day for golf, by the way.

And Fenton, Michigan just happens to be about an hour north of Detroit Motor City.

The economy is not great here as in much of the rest of the country. Have a lot of folks lost their manufacturing jobs, especially in the automotive industry. Yes!

Is it as bad as it’s been in the last 30 years? NO, but people tend to have a short memory when the media is in control. (But this is a topic for another day).

Now, we understand and empathize with folks who have lost their jobs in the car manufacturing industry. We really do. We have family affected by this issue.

Heck we have even started holding many of our seminars in Michigan just to support our local economy and help these struggling people take control of their lives again by giving them other “money” options outside of the automotive/manufacturing industry.

HOWEVER – if I see one more sticker like we saw on a Ford Escape today that reads: “Worried about your job? Keep buying foreign” on any so-called “American Made” vehicle (Chrysler, Ford, GM) I will simply lose my ever loving mind.

These stickers seem to be everywhere here in Michigan.

Do these people NOT realize that these vehicles and/or the parts on these vehicles are often times up to 50% or more manufactured overseas?

Hell, Ford OWNS Land Rover and Jaguar – just to name a couple.

I know that I am going to hear a lot of heat from both the “gear heads” and the people who have worked in manufacturing.

But I don’t care.

Stop listening to the all the propaganda you’re being fed from the media and do A LITTLE research on your own.

Hell, I love people with strong opinions. But please have an EDUCATED opinion about the topic and don’t rely so heavily on The View or 60 Minutes for your news!

If you want to get down to the nuts and bolts here, A better sticker would read…

“Lost your job to overseas?
Thank your politician for the catastrophic corporate taxes
that force businesses to take their jobs elsewhere!”

So, take some time tomorrow to thank your Representative or Congressman.

And if you don’t even know who they are…Shame on you!

Now, I don’t like to just bitch without taking some action. I find this to be a lot hypocritical.

Here’s my proposal…

Post a comment with what you feel is a great “change the world” bumper sticker.

Lee Collins

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