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By Lee Collins •  Updated: 09/20/22 •  6 min read
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I discovered Jeff Paul and Jim Fleck in the mid-2000’s in their Killer Copywriting class.

This was fairly early in my marketing career and Killer Copywriting was my first exposure to their training.

The more I learned about them, the more the success they enjoyed with their sales copy enthralled me. 

At that point it was literally the best copywriting training I had taken.

This training still remains in the top 5.

Best of all… the lessons are timeless and the methodology works as well today as it ever has.

When the opportunity was presented to me to buy the rights to own and share this training with you, I jumped on it immediately!

More About Killer Copywriting

Listening to Jeff you’ll get to hear him explain copywriting secrets that he doesn’t reveal anywhere else.

His brilliance in teaching you how to quickly and easily write killer copy really comes through on the audios.

Plus, I believe it’s the most powerful way to learn.

Here is what Yanik Silver shared:

“My first exposure to Jeff was responsible for helping me create my first information product that generated over $200,000.00 in less than 2 years. I’ve paid thousands of dollars to attend Jeff’s seminars and his copywriting section was always one of the highlights of the entire seminar. Now they have put almost all that information into “Killer Copywriting” I don’t know anyone else who can show you how to use the long forgotten secrets of the masters to your advantage… today!”

James Scott said…

“I have at least $50,000 worth of marketing and copywriting courses lining the shelves of my office. But your course is hands down the best copywriting course I’ve seen.”

And John Paul Mendocha said this:

Killer Copywriting is full of great, concise, super, all-around, and well thought out information. Copywriting is one of the power skills anyone can and should develop to turn himself into an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur who can just sit on his butt collecting the dough.
Thanks guys. It was spectacular.

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn…

  • Unlock the secrets hidden in wildly successful, old time, direct response ads from the early part of the 20th Century that sold millions of dollars worth of merchandise, and ran for as long as 40 years straight! (HINT- I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU’VE NEVER BEEN SHOWN EXACTLY HOW THESE CRAFTY RASCALS WROTE THE MOST KILLER COPY EVER DEVISED…AND WHICH IS NOW A LOST ART! )
  • How to make a fortune using the one proven ad format that always works!
  • How to write bullets that hypnotically draw your prospects into your ads to read them… causing them to take action and spend more money with you over and over again!
  • How to use stories that grab and hold the attention of your reader all the way to the order page!
  • A powerful little secret (that no one believes) which tells you if your letter is really ready to mail!
  • Dozens of tests that every ad or letter must pass before you use it!
  • A step-by-step formula used to create powerful copy. Use the formula for your own ads and letters. Or to make big money writing for others! (I make a good deal of my income from royalties and fees I get paid for KILLER COPYWRITING for clients, as well as for myself!)
  • The single-most important element of any sales message + how to exploit it for maximum sales!
  • 37 guaranteed ways to increase readership, boost response to your sales letters and ads…and make more sales.
  • The absolutely essential first three things you must do before you attempt to sell anything to anyone!
  • The real reason people choose to buy anything — the secret truth long-known by master salesmen, sociologists and “con-men” – finally revealed! (Except you get to use this potentially dangerous secret in good, and ethical ways! But please be careful with it, because it can cause huge surges of cash to flow into your bank account! Don’t let your kids try this without your supervision…please!)
  • You get exact word-for-word samples of ads and sales letters that brought in millions…
  • The formulas that even an illiterate drop-out can use to write advertising copy 100 times more potent than the best Madison Avenue ad agency!
  • A truly “no brainer” (yet usually overlooked) way to increase the readership of any sales letter you ever use! (It’s almost like cheating, but you don’t do anything dishonest. It does, however, give you a totally unfair advantage!!)
  • The 4 questions you must be able to answer or you won’t sell anything!
  • The most important thing you could ever learn about putting out advertising that sells!
  • The hidden killer copywriting secrets that boost response every time!
  • Learn the specific words to use that’ll make your customers fumble for their wallets and buy from you!
  • Why people won’t respond to a good ad or sales letter, and how to stop it!
  • Why revealing one or two flaws about your product or service will help shoot your ad’s response through the roof.., and the best way to reveal those flaws!
  • Easy-to-use headline formulas you can use to plug right into letters! (with hardly a strain of thought whatsoever!!!)
  • An amazingly simple formula to follow that makes putting out ads and letters even easier!
  • The best way to create the “first draft” of your ad! (This technique will surprise you)!
  • Why you’ve got to forget everything your grammar teacher ever taught you, so your ads and letters will pull in the cash sales you deserve!
  • Learn the greatest advertising ‘secret formula’ ever revealed! (This secret from the old time masters you’ll be studying, is so powerful, it literally is the difference between living the life of your dreams with constant cash flow coming in…versus being stuck in the life you hate, and so desperately want to get out of immediately!
  • Plus, NO ONE will ever explain this secret to you the way they do in Killer Copywriting, so it’s as clear and plain as a full moon on a cloudless night.

How to Buy Killer Copywriting (plus get some cool bonuses)

Check out the curriculum and bonuses below, and when you pick this up for just $20 today at PREVA1L Academy, I believe it will be the best money you have ever spent to learn killer copywriting!


I hope you enjoy and benefit from this training as much as I have!

Lee Collins

Lee Collins is a former Air Force Network Systems Engineer and Fortune 500 Corporate VP - who is best known as an early pioneer of Direct Response Marketing on the Internet. He has over 24+ years experience running operations for multiple multi-million dollar marketing, software, SEO, financial, and business coaching companies. When Lee isn't helping his private clients solve big (and small) marketing and operations problems, Lee is most likely heading up into the mountains in his fully-equipped Jeep Gladiator. Or just gone fishing.