Giving the Dog a Bone

By Lee Collins •  Updated: 09/04/16 •  2 min read
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Do you have dogs?

We have two dogs – a puggle (pug/beagle mix) named Pete and a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix named Holly.

Pete is about 9 years old and has been showing the 7-month old Holly “the ways of the world” around these parts.

It’s so funny watching them. Especially since Holly is so possessive. (That’s a common quality in her Husky side.)

Normally, Pete is pretty passive. Holly will lay around with all the bones surrounding her like a fortress of her goodies, and Pete will generally just accept that every treat belongs to Holly.

But, in the things that matter, Pete is in charge.

He’s the “old dog” in the house.

He shows her how to ask for food. How to ask to go outside. How to ask for water. How to ask for a walk. What to do when we leave the house for a few hours.

Pete has been an expert at these things for years, and without his guidance our home would be a lot more stressful and Holly would fall into a lot of unnecessary pitfalls and “negative learning experiences”.

It’s sort of like email. The best person to learn from is a 20-year email veteran who has made all the mistakes and knows the “ways of email”. How to get in the inbox. How to profit from your list. How to grow your list without magnets or “tripwires”.

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