Q. How do I contact you to learn more about your services?
A. You can see my main 1-on-1 services here. If you have questions, click here to speak with Mary. We have worked closely together for almost a decade and she can answer all your questions. If she believes you’re a good fit, she’ll setup a time for us to speak, wrap up the details and finalize payment to get you going.

Q. With your experience, why aren’t you charging more like other coaches?
A. Because, unlike them, coaching is not my primary business. That’s why I don’t have to overcharge you for my time like they do. I’ve heard my friends say “raise your rates” for decades but you’ll still pay the same rate for my Marketing Assist Coaching as if we had met in 2008. Pretty cool, huh?

Q. Can you help me for free and “when it works” I’ll pay you?
A. Short answer, no. Longer answer – look, I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. My stuff works. You’ll see the multitude of testimonials attesting to that fact. My rates are my rates and, knowing I am already giving you very competitive rates, here is how that question appears to me, so please don’t be that person.

*Sidenote: I do an enormous amount of free training for my Internet Marketers Of Georgia Meetup Group so, if you’re looking for something free, I recommend you start there (even if you don’t live in Georgia, you can still participate when you join us).

Q. What if I have a question not answered here?
A. Click here to speak with Mary. She’ll get you any answer you need then, if we believe it applies to other folks, we will add it here.