Every Business Needs These 5 Things

By Lee Collins •  Updated: 12/01/17 •  2 min read
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Every business needs 5 things:

– Scalability
– Survivability
– Security
– Efficiency 
– Effectiveness


I once was speaking with a business owner, telling him about how we could double his business within 8-12 months. The look of terror in his eyes urged me to ask “can you handle this? Do you want to double your business?” to which he replied “no”. Before you have a conversation with someone about growing your business, consider whether it is actually scalable. If everything that happens in your business depends on YOU doing it, it is not scalable.


If you are not around for a week or a month, can your business carry on without you? Most people cannot leave their business for a single day. Is the audience you are marketing to large enough to continue bringing you clients for a minimum of the next 5 years? A business that is not survivable is also not scalable.


Can you depend on your business to provide for all your needs – financially and otherwise? Also, are your website and other business assets as secure as possible? (If you use WordPress, and your admin name is admin, your name, or your domain name or a derivation of this, this is one small example of your business not being secure.)


How many of your processes are documented? Do you always have to step in and help with everyday tasks? How much of your business is automated, meaning someone or something else is doing the work? What does your onboarding and offboarding processes look like? (Poor offboarding when someone leaves your company is also a major security risk.)


How good are you at what you do? How well do your products work? If you have a service, what is the rate of success for your clients? Do you have pre-filtering in place to assure that you connect and only work with your desired clients? Are customer support issues handled quickly? Is your team well-trained?

If you just take a few hours to consider these questions above, and really look at your business from the “do I have these 5 things covered” perspective, you will find yourself far ahead of your competition.

If you’d like help with diving deeper into these 5 areas and transforming your business into one that gives you time and money freedom, message me and let’s chat.

Lee Collins

Air Force veteran and former corporate VP, Lee Collins started marketing online in 1999. He is best known as an early pioneer of Direct Response Marketing on the Internet, but also gained recognition as the creator of Hybrid Marketing and Repeat Profit Systems. When Lee isn't helping his clients solve million-dollar marketing and systems problems, he enjoys time with his wife contemplating by a campfire, exploring a mountain or desert trail in his Jeep Gladiator, or planning their next epic BBQ roadtrip.