Do I Really Need to Hire a Marketing Agency?

By Lee Collins •  Updated: 03/11/20 •  2 min read
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“If I had a proven product with a good sales record why would I need to hire a marketing agency to help me?”

These are very dangerous words for a business owner to say.

It’s like saying “if I’m good at sports why do I need a coach?”

Ask Michael Jordan who, even at the peak of his career, is known to have worked with often as many as 5 coaches at a time to help him improve his game.

Ask Olympic athletes.

These are people at the top of their game, getting help from other people to be even better.

Ask any and every high achiever in sports or business why they work with trainers, coaches, or agencies.

Heck, bringing it back home…

  • Let’s ask the $30 million nutrition company why on earth they would pay our agency to help them sell more of one of their most successful products.
  • Or the personal defense company for whom we’re turning every dollar they spend into 3+ (and growing), even with a proven, award-winning product and a great (not just good) sales record why they pay our agency to manage their ad campaigns.
  • Or maybe the supplement company why they fired their other agency and chose to work with us exclusively to promote their offers.

They know they can always be, do and have BETTER.

They know they don’t have all the answers.

(We don’t know everything either. We are very good at what we do AND we are always open to being wrong, learning and growing.)

These successful companies want to focus on their core and hire out the rest. They want to work with the best people they can find. People who will lock arms with them to drive each offer to success. And they happily and without hesitation pay them well for their expertise.

ThIs is why we’re running their ad campaigns instead of them.

Should you hire a marketing agency?

Look, whether you choose to work with us or someone else, or to do things yourself, we still always wish you the success you deserve.

And, if you do want our help…


Lee Collins

Air Force veteran and former corporate VP, Lee Collins started marketing online in 1999. He is best known as an early pioneer of Direct Response Marketing on the Internet, but also gained recognition as the creator of Hybrid Marketing and Repeat Profit Systems. When Lee isn't helping his clients solve million-dollar marketing and systems problems, he enjoys time with his wife contemplating by a campfire, exploring a mountain or desert trail in his Jeep Gladiator, or planning their next epic BBQ roadtrip.