Hey, I’m Charles Lee Collins.

The first question most people ask me is this…

“How can you help me?”

I understand why people would ask this and I’ll even agree that on the surface it seems like a good first question. Unfortunately, it’s really not. Here’s what I mean…

Think about all the other times you have asked that question to other people. And recall that, if you ask that of most people, they’ll happily rattle off an entire practiced “elevator speech” of the 3-5 ways they can help you – without even asking or knowing what you need.

Look, I don’t blame them…
… after all, it’s what they have been taught to do.

But, to me, that seems a bit like malpractice.

Think about it like this… how would you feel if you visited a doctor, asked how they can help you, and you were then immediately presented with 3-5 prescriptions – without the doctor ever examining you?

So… how can I help you?

No elevator speech.
No prescriptions.
No practiced answers.

My answer is simply, “it depends on what you need”.

And, to figure that out…

I’ll ask you some questions. You’ll ask me some questions. Together we’ll uncover the “vital need” in your business right now, then we can decide on a course of action that we can take together.

My strengths are in systems and marketing but, after being in the business for over 21 years, I have also gained experience in countless other areas including traffic and lead generation, operations, leadership development, team building, systems & processes, paid advertising, sales, conversions, and automation strategies.

In a nutshell, regardless of need, my focus is helping clients uncomplicate their businesses:

I’m talking about…

Maybe it’s lead generation. Maybe it’s sales. Maybe it’s conversion optimization. Maybe it’s retention. Maybe it’s lifetime value. Maybe it’s team management. Maybe it’s processes or SOP’s. Maybe it’s leadership. maybe it’s figuring out your target audience. Maybe it’s messaging. Maybe it’s how to show up on social media. Maybe it’s creating offers. Maybe it’s copywriting. Maybe it’s paid ads. Maybe it’s all of the above

Whatever the want or need, we’ll tackle them all, one at a time, until we achieve the result you want to see.

If this sounds like the kind of help you want, let’s talk about it.

Important: If you’re looking for easy buttons, hacks, loopholes, or for millions of dollars to magically fall from the sky next month – I am NOT your guy. Mine is more of a slow-cooker approach.

You cannot rush something you want to last forever.


PS: Keep in mind – I only work with a handful of select clients so, if this is something you want, the time is now.

A Few Accomplishments

A Few Notable Events Where I Have Spoken

Since I began speaking in 2002, I have taught on stages around the world to thousands of attendees, and I have been blessed to work with many notable industry leaders.

Lee Collins Epic at Sales

Featured Guest Speaker at EPIC Leap Live hosted by Laura Wright (EpicAtSales.com)


Lee Collins on the Epic Leap Live Expert Panel


Special Internet Marketing Advisory and Planning Team “Guru Crew” to Visalus Sciences


Robert G. Allen Mastermind Team Anchor


Featured speaker in SMARTS Seminar series (Singapore and Malaysia edition)


Guest Expert on Gateway to Wealth Panel with Mike Filsaime, Matt Bacak, Jeff Dedrick, Simon Leung and Erik Stafford


Featured speaker at Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen’s “Cash in A Flash” Bootcamps


Hanging with Frank Kern after being hand-picked as one of Frank’s first 20 ever Platinum Proteges in 2009