About “A Marketer’s Life” and Lee Collins

“A Marketer’s Life” is where I share my thoughts on business, life and the zen of marketing. Almost daily.

It might be my perspective on something I heard or read. Other times it will be a thought I woke up with. Maybe it’s something that frustrated me. Maybe it’s sharing clarity I gained through experience. It may be a key action you need to take to level up your business (or life). It may simply be something I learned along the way that I want to pass along. It could be a killer strategy that you need to start using right now in your business. It could be a way to look at things differently. It may be busting a myth. It may be reinforcing a best practice.

I also occasionally talk about more esoteric subjects like mind, body, and spirit. Or my latest Jeep adventure. Sure, it’s “A Marketer’s Life” for me but that doesn’t mean I’m one-dimensional.

Whatever it is, I hope what I share with you will help and serve you in some positive way. 

Who are you and why should I care?

lee collins marketing systems and training
I’m Lee Collins, and I’m probably best known as one of the early pioneers of Direct Response Marketing on the Internet. 

Since 1999, I have parlayed this experience into my Top-Down Consulting Framework to help thousands of clients build and optimize their “Repeat Profit” marketing systems resulting in more sales, more profit and most importantly – more freedom from their business with less stress, and without the typical overwhelm and frustration.

On top of my own frameworks, I am also a certified Fix This Next “Founding Fixer”. (The Business Hierarchy of Needs and OMEN Process are game-changers.)

What all this means is I love solving marketing and systems problems, so you don’t have to.

Whether you should care (or not) is totally up to you.

If what you’re doing now is helping you achieve your dreams and giving you plenty of free time to enjoy your life without feeling frustrated, stressed, or overwhelmed, you probably have everything under control and you don’t need anybody else’s insights, tips, advice or input…

Keep doing that, you magnificent unicorn!

But, if everything isn’t sunshine and roses, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, out of control, stuck and stressed out and you’re looking for a way to enjoy more free time and actually figure out how to grow & scale your business (and life) without the chaos, maybe you’ll find a golden nugget or two here to help you do things a little differently.

  The Top-Down Consultant

What Other People Are Saying...

When I ask myself why we continue to work together, it comes down to one main thing: you can see things in the “matrix” of my business and marketing that I cannot see. To me that’s worth everything.
Jim Krautkramer
Completing the manuscript to my book and a launch blueprint. Had a great meeting with Charles (Lee) Collins this morning. He is the best at identifying what is holding you back and then giving you a solution. Thanks, Charles!
Tom Bice
I show 330 sales as of now and we still have a day and a half to go with the last day usually being our biggest. We might have another record breaker on our hands!
Joseph Michael
I don’t know how it happened, but Paypal said I made $71,523.41 gross in July… I felt like I was slacking all month. I REALLY like “slacking” & making $… Looking at my numbers from this year, its very obvious when we started actively working together. Your Repeat Profit Systems ROCK!
Kristen Joy
Are you kidding?? You’re probably the first coach I’ve worked with who has more than delivered what you promised in terms of actual cash.
Felicia Slattery
When you look for someone to work on your business, marketing, ads and such… you want longevity in that relationship. Longevity + Results is what folks will get with you, Lee.
Bob Yeager
I have had the pleasure of knowing Lee for years now and the benefit of having him coach me on many lines of business. You cannot go wrong with this guy. A true soul and friend.
Jeffry Civey
Lee Collins has a calm way of looking at things from different angles to come up with unique and useful solutions to issues. He’s also wickedly smart about how to grow your business. I’d highly recommend getting time with him if you can, and listen and take notes on what is said!
Rick Dearr
One of the biggest and best blessings a business owner can have is a coach who knows how to make things easier and better for their clients. I feel like I’m walking on air after talking to Lee Collins & Natalie Collins (and yes, it takes two to tackle me!! LOL). What a relief!
Felicia Slattery
I can honestly say if you have an opportunity to work with this dynamic duo GRAB it. Their combined knowledge and special brand of loving care (yes even though loving) is unparalleled. In a world where so many are coaching with very little experience these two rise to the top not only with years of experience but amazing integrity and authenticity. Do yourself a favor and explore working together it will change your life.
Laura Wright
Direct Response Marketing 2.0 is a Godsend for people stuck in the Internet Marketing paradigm. It’s clear, step-by-step modules show you the fastest and easiest ways to get hyper-responsive OFFLINE buyers flooding your website.Sure, this seems like a crazy idea, but I’ve been using these tactics for years and made millions with them. I recommend you give Direct Response Marketing 2.0 a try. You will be shocked at your results when you put the information into action. And you certainly can’t find more savvy guys to teach you how.
Dave Lakhani
Lee Collins, you have helped me with many things, from marketing to just plain ole good advice!
Jacob Mackey

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